Former Students

Nour Zoaby- MSc student
Nour Zoaby

Nour Received her BSc in Biomedical Engineering at the Technion in 2012.
the final research project, conducted with Prof. Eitan Kimmel,  focused on developing a helmet for protecting head from injuries and damages during accidents.
She has worked as a tutor in Nachshon project, a project that aims to accompany and teach school students before Bagrut exams mathematics.
Nour grew up in Nazareth where she also volunteers in a camp that is aimed at enhancing the academic skills of the local children.
Furthermore, Nour enjoys recreational activities such as swimming,running and playing music.
Her research project is aimed at developing autonomous targeted therapy technologies.
My scientific goal is to develop a miniaturized medical technology that can navigate towards a desired tissue, where a drug will be delivered. This research may open new perspectives for the active delivery of drugs and will hopefully promote medicine and reduce patients’ suffering.